Die Goldene Inge

Inge’s roadmap is full of exciting developments and announcements for the upcoming months. From NFT drops to live and virtual exhibitions, Inge is proud to present her Agenda for 2022.

Lets get golden


A comprehensive guide to Die Goldene Inge’s ambitions to conquer the promising NFT world as well as the international art scene.

The Golden Mask of Die Goldene Inge

Die Goldene Inge // Roadmap

Passion, Dedication & Handcrafted Art, without the Hype


    A short introduction into the most unknown photographer and newly NFT artist.
    Are you just in for the hype? Or why Inge’s marathon continues!
    The metaverse is full of promises. Blooming landscapes or deserted places?
    Inge’s current state of work and a vision of her interplanetary space.
    It is finally time to go out and meet again.
    • Creative Hub Podcast
    • Manifold Creator Contract
    • Wold Peace NFTs
    • Holy Taco X Die Goldene Inge (Exhibition)
    • Jade Bay Innovation MeetUp
    • Pixel Skull Art Collective
    • Pixel Skull Podcast
    • Pixel Skull NFT Drop
    • Cockroach X Die Goldene Inge (Exhibition)
    • Egenolff30 X Die Goldene Inge (Exhibition)
    • X Die Goldene Inge (Exhibition)
    • Ein Aussergewöhnliches Ereignis (Exhibition)
    • So-Col X Die Goldene Inge Community Call
    • ….
    A shout-out to Inge’s strongest supporters.


Die Goldene Inge is a German based photographer and NFT artist you probably never heard of. Inge’s mission is to change that!

Die Goldene Inge is about realness, joy, passion, and dedication – without smoke, or mirrors. With her golden force, Inge creates vivid miniatures of her reality to present a colorful interpretation of contemporary photography.

Inge can see the beauty in everything. Any moment, place or situation may be worth noticing. Die Goldene Inge aims to look for the most real of them and pixelates them for eternity.

Die Goldene Inge is inspired by a multitude of things. Inge loves to travel as much as possible. Seeing new places and meeting new people are fueling her mind, body and soul. That is where Inge can truly open up and soak in the spirits of the foreign territory to broaden her horizons and sharpen her perspectives.

Inge’s current portfolio is a small representation of her photographic work of the past two decades. Inge has always used art as a channel to express herself. She worked with different styles, materials and techniques. But in the end, the camera has always been a preferred tool to capture and express emotions and moments important to her.

It all started with a love for streets, the origin of most of Inge’s work. But over the time Inge felt the need to put a focus on the protagonists and give them a centerstage in her work. So over the past two years, Inge has concentrated mainly on studio work and evolved her techniques, creating her interpretation of contemporary portraiture.

The Pretty Pop Poser Portrait series is the result of an intense and joyful ride on the one hand and the beginning of Inge’s NFT journey on the other.

As 2022 is all about NFTs, Die Goldene Inge has been continuously advancing her works in the past months to adapt her style to the new medium. The current Saturation Supernova Series are the output of an intense transition phase and are just a first glimpse of Inge’s interpretation of her visual future.

Her Interplanetary collections The Späti, The Urbanity, The Underground, La Pompa or The Saturation SuperCrew are Inge’s base to take off into what looks to become a fantastic year.

Inge has of course several ambitious visions. Goals of what she would love to artistically achieve in the foreseeable future. But Inge is realistic enough to plan one step at a time. Rather under-promise and over-deliver than waking expectations she cannot meet.


The current NFT space sadly seems to be only and all about the hype. NFT collections are promoted as if they were some rare Supreme drops. A lot of really incredible work though! But can or will that all be sustainable? Will you care about them in some month time, will you even remember?

Gary Vee rightfully pointed out, that 98% plus of current NFT highflyers will hit zero sooner or later. Why? Without a true long-term approach and people who personally stand behind the product, everything is nothing.

Die Goldene Inge surely is not about the hype. How could she. Inge always has and always will be in for the long-run. She’s done it for years. Just like Nipsey said, the marathon continues. She is in for the craftsmanship, the passion and dedication that are necessary to produce personal pieces of art. One at a time, and not generic, AI-produced pseudo-rarities, that are rather one of a thousand.

Every single one of Inge’s pieces is done with passion, dedication and personality.

So don’t believe the Hype and see the world with Inge’s eyes!


Everybody is talking about the metaverse and the fancy things we all will be doing in the virtual world. All nothing new. But with the advancing technologies, a vision that is surely closer than we all imagined not too long ago.

Die Goldene Inge has of course also aspirations of how to transform her work into the interplanetary space. Her virtual galleries e.g. are already an awesome tool to present her work to an international audience. And there is currently so much development in this field that it is truly mindboggling.

Virtual spaces have the capacity to really change how we meet, interact and exchange. It gives us the possibility to broaden our horizon and connect with individuals without boundaries in place and time. The pandemic surely has acted as an accelerator and has clearly shown the necessity for an infrastructure to meet digitally when you cannot meet physically.

Therefore Inge’s long-term vision is to shape and build her own virtual space where alike minded people can share work, views and visions in an interplanetary community. Surely a long path to walk and accomplish, but what is life without ambitious goals 😉

But first and for all it’s about the art, the joy to produce amazing work and to share it with the world. One step at a time. Rather than promising blooming landscapes and delivering deserted spaces, Inge wants to steadily build her base, advance processes and technologies and see where the path may lead her.


When closing her eyes, contemplating about NFTs and the metaverse, Die Goldene Inge sees a vibrant and positive place. Inge calls it SATURATION SUPERNOVA – an interplanetary space that is just as colorful as Inge’s world and that stands for diversity and acceptance of all lifeforms.

In the Saturation Supernova, the borders of origin and distinction blur into insignificance and migrate into their own interplanetary existence. As everything evolved from the same stardust, actors are only judged by the way they treat each other. Humanity, empathy and the mindset that we are all equal are the key to get in.

People and places in the Saturation Supernova are characterized by the 360 degree color-spectrum they exist in. An ever revolving rainbow, providing a captivating vitality.

The current state of the Saturation Supernova is represented in Inge’s latest Interplanetary NFT collections: The Späti, The Urbanity, The Underground, La Pompa or The Saturation SuperCrew. These NFTs are the canvas and foundation for the Saturation Supernova to build upon.


One thing is for sure. No matter how nice and tempting the virtual world with all its digital assets and amenities may be. If we lose the understanding for the amazingness of our world, if we lose the touch to nature, or if we stop interacting with real people in the real world, using our senses and instincts, we are all doomed to a loveless existence in a lifeless digital environment.

It is therefore one of Inge’s most important post-pandemic ambitions to go out, meet and greet people, and show her art not only in the digital world but also in physical spaces again.

So besides her online hustle, Inge will relentlessly seek for further occasions to show her art in public. It’s in a physical space, amongst real spectators, where art becomes important and an active part of our cultural and historical society.

/// ROADMAP 2022

Inge can hardly believe that after almost two years of pandemic half stepping, the restrictions seem to finally come to an end. So much that had to wait, so much that wants to come out. Therefore Inge is happy to announce her first milestones for 2022.

// Creative Hub Podcast

As a day one member of the Creative Hub in Bremen, Die Goldene Inge was asked to participate in a podcast to tell a little bit about her current state of work!

Check out the Creative Hub podcast on Spotify here!

// Manifold Creator Contract

In order to be independent from general NFT-platform contracts, Die Goldene Inge together with SWMS have been working on her Manifold Creator Contract with all necessary extensions to mint and list her freshly finished NFT collection!

// World Peace NFTs

Die Goldene Inge has launched her first NFT collection, a unique charity NFT Project to support the weakest in need, the children around the world.

By minting one of Inge’s World Peace NFTs you support the “Save the Children” organization automatically by smart contract. All proceeds and royalties are going directly to the chariry organization!

// Holy Taco X Die Goldene Inge

Finally Inge can also announce her first exhibition in 2022. “Holy Taco X Die Goldene Inge” will stage physical prints and Supernova Saturation NFTs. The artworks will be shown in the basement of the famous taqueria Holy Taco directly on Hamburg’s infamous Reeperbahn. The official opening night, the “Holy Gallery Night” will take place on 24 March 2022, starting from 17:00. Hope to see you there!

// Jade Bay Innovation MeetUp

Die Goldene Inge was asked to participate as a speaker in this year’s first Jade Bay Innovation MeetUp to give some first-hand insights on her current NFT journey.

Jade Bay is the intermunicipal development company of the city of Wilhelmshaven and the districts of Friesland, Wesermarsch and Wittmund, which, with a total of 24 cities and communities, form the Jade Bay economic area along the North Sea, Jade and Weser. As such, Jade Bay supports and accompanies the structural change and campaigns for a lucrative business location and at the same time an attractive place to live, learn, work and invest.

// Pixel Skull Art Collective

As a newly accepted member of the Pixel Skull Art Collective, Die Goldene Inge is proud to announce her first participation in an international virtual NFT exhibition for April of this year.

The Pixel Skull Collective is initiated by a group of ambassadors in New York City, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei, Sao Paulo, London and Berlin with the target to connect creatives from around the world.

The ambitious goal is to create a first-ever global Art NFT series. A curated armada of 50 international artists – including Die Goldene Inge – is currently preparing the artworks for the combined NFT drop and virtual gallery opening. Stay tuned for more info!

// Pixel Skull Podcast

Mario Münster of the Pixel Skull Art Collective invited Denis Kakazu, mad creative and illustrator, and Die Goldene Inge to talk about the NFT rabbit hole and the ambitions to be a part of the Pixel Skull collective!

Check out the Pixel Skull podcast on Spotify here!

// Pixel Skull NFT Drop

The hard work of the past months has finally borne fruit and the long awaited NFT drop and reveal of the virtual exhibition happened on 1 July 2022.

Check out the amazing artworks and mint your Pixel Skull NFT right here!

// Cockroach X Die Goldene Inge

Die Goldene Inge was asked to participate in this years Cockroach Art Festival in Durach, Germany where Inge presented a selection of her Saturation Supernova works in a blasting video installation.

// Egenolff30 X Die Goldene Inge

As a member of the Pixel Skull Art Collective Die Goldene Inge co-organised and participated in the first global Pixel Skull NFT exhibition at the Egenolff30 Art Gallery in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The one weekend only event in Frankfurt’s Nordend attracted hords of NFT and art afficionados alike!

// X Die Goldene Inge

Die Goldene Inge’s first international appearance took place during the NFT Expoverse exhibition at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles, California, USA. Inge was asked by the advanced NFT screen company to present some of her works during a mad crypto weekend!

// Ein Aussergewöhnliches Ereignis X Die Goldene Inge

Die Goldene Inge is proud to be invited to participate in this year’s edition of the amazing Electronic Music Festival “Ein Aussergewöhnliches Ereignis” in Oldenburg.

Die Goldene Inge will present the highlights of her current works from “Saturation Supernova”, “World Peace NFTs” to her NFT collection crafted for the “Pixel Skull Art Collective”.

Inge is proud to get this awesome possibility to show her art on the surely largest screen in town. The projections will be 30 by 70 meters, and ultimately over 2.000 squaremeters in size. Uncomparable!

// So-Col X Die Goldene Inge

Die Goldene Inge was invited to participate in a community call with So-Col, an international NFT start-up initiated by Irene Zhao and Ben Tang with the mission to make web3 accessible, affordable and more eco-friendly for everyone.

In this community call Die Goldene Inge discussed with So-Col’s Tommy, located in Austria, Vanessa, located in Singapore, and Radina, located in Portugal as well as several participants from around the globe the current state of the NFT-Industry or how NFTs have changed Inge’s work.

Further topics were Inge’s World Peace NFT collection and how smart contracts can provide unique utility to an artists collection and portfolio.


Die Goldene Inge is backed up by a team of talented, experienced and supportive individuals, who are helping her in navigating the interplanetary file space.

// SWMS – Digital Innovations

SWMS is a leading German company for software engineering, robotics, internet of things and other software related issues. The SWMS team is supporting Die Goldene Inge with knowledge around NFT smart contracts, minting procedures and other technical challenges.

Inge is proud to soon be working on Manifold smart contracts for her NFT collection, just like some of the NFT artists she is looking up to!

// The peak lab.

The peak lab. is a strong software solutions provider, ploughing the fields of data science, strategy, design, ux, coaching and project management. The peak lab. supports Inge in her vision of a creating future virtual characters and environments and helps to circumnavigate the given obstacles.

// Creative Hub Bremen

The Creative Hub is initiated by Visionskultur and backed up by the City of Bremen. Visionskultur is a non-profit organisation with the aim to promote and develop ideas in the local community. The Creative Hub supports and accompanies projects and ideas, developing creative places and promoting the transfer of knowledge – in and between more than 30 work areas.

Die Goldene Inge is proud to be a day-one curated member of this fantastic creative space, that gave her the possibility to build up a studio environment and further develop her techniques and network.

// Der Kapitän

Der Kapitän is a long-term companion and supporter of Die Goldene Inge. He helped Inge in setting up her first studio environment and mastering multiple flashes when she started her portraiture work. Die Goldene Inge is happy to have this technical mastermind and friend at her side.



Inge loves the People // With her golden lens Inge is hunting for special characters waiting to be shot in their natural habitat or artificial studio environments.

Inge loves the Street // Inge is continuously grinding the golden curbs to extract a fresh essence of life on the streets.

Inge loves the Moment // Inge‘s golden Doppler radar easily detects even the slightest amazingness worth being captured.

Inge loves the City // Urbanity is Inge‘s golden canvas to reshape solid matter into authentic pixel miniatures of her reality.

Inge loves the Fine Arts // Simply for aesthetics, beauty and emotion, Inge‘s golden trigger freezes space and time, without practical reason.

Inge loves the Nature // Inge‘s golden heart beats for the beauty of our grand world, with the aim to respect and preserve it by all artistic means.



Nice to see you again! Stay safe, stay strong, stay Golden! Yours Die Goldene Inge
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